“Leadtosky” is a community born to resemble out the uneven mysterious questions of life in a friendly tone. We at “Lead to sky” are striving our best to provide you one of the best blogs, motivational stories and knowledgeable things. “Lead to sky” wants you to fly which lead to the sky.

“We do not need to encourage anyone, everyone knows how to fly they just need to find a sky where they can fly”                   www.leadtosky.com


Hi, I’m Arun Sharma. I studied in Economics and Business Management from Maharaja Agrasen College of Delhi University. And I am carrying an experience of three years in realm of professional customer service. I would like to tell you that “Lead to sky” is run by a dedicated team and supported by good friends. I say thank you to all who helped me out to setting up a platform towards my dream.

Kindly feel free to get in touch with us if we can be of assistance. You can send us your email directly to me at arun.sharma@leadtosky.com.  And you can also get in touch with our support team at care@leadtosky.com.

Thank you so much for visiting “lead to sky”. We appreciate your business.

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