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Recently I got an opportunity to visit this popular country. Because I was rewarded in a contest organized by one company.

So I won a travel package for 4 days along with my family which was free of cost. Therefore, this event was very exciting for me. And i came to know about this country closely.

Thailand is a South East Asian country and very popular for its tropical beaches, glittering temple, and theme park and beauty royal opulent palaces showing figures of Lord Mahatma Buddha, and its ancient culture. The place has an ultra-modern culture and verities.

The capital of this country is Bangkok. This is growing fast and all the modern facilities available here. The capital Bangkok is very popular among the entire tour.

They always prefer to visit this country for its stylish and exotic culture. Thai dishes are very tasty. Kinds of seafood pavilions are very famous in Phuket, another state of Thailand. Bangkok noodle shake, Thai culture is fun loving, generous, warm and relaxed.

In between cities and town topical forest, mixed of rice paddies, cultures Thai villages are available.

Ancient Bunyan trees are wrapped in clothes to show their religious culture. Golden Buddha is famous here.

Thailand is a popular gateway for the hedonist and hermit the prince and the pauper. So the attractions of Thailand and Bangkok attract the tourist due to its variant culture.

Thailand is connected with air flight route from all the major airport of this world. If you are visiting Thailand from India you may go there from the entire major town like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other places.

I have visited this place from Kolkata. The flight directly goes to Bangkok. Thai airways are popular here. In Thailand, you can visit other places by road route, cab, taxi, and others.

Looking at the variation and tourist place, the places to visit in Thailand are countless. I want to highlight some of the places in this country.

Phi Phi island Adventure: The attractions of Thailand are like Phi phi Island which you may cover from the Phuket the area of this country. You have to cover this place by speedboat which saves your time and you may give more time for your enjoyment.

This island is famous for snorkeling, sunbath, swimming, diving, and other water activities. You may see the beautiful natural cave, seabirds, and natural blue lagoons. All these are just so a mind-blowing experience. Monkey and Maya beaches are the main attractions of Thailand at this mind-blowing location.

Hong by Starlight Including Sea Cave Kayaking and Loy Krathong Floating from Phuket: You may watch here the hidden wonders of Phang Nga Bay including a kayaking tour of limestone sea caves and cliff-lined lagoons. This is one of the best trips for this island. In this island, a wonderful cave is available that is just dark black. This experience is just amazing. The island is totally untouched by the human being so looks great.

Thailand’s Ayutthaya Temples and River Cruise: This temple is UNESCO world heritage site which may be covered from the Bangkok. You may admire this heritage site that is famous for the world architectural style.

You may go to this place by a river cruise which will be a package tour from Bangkok. As part of the tour, you may visit Bang Pa-In which is also a good temple. Old ancient temples truly give you a great feeling for Thailand and its history, people, religion, and culture.

Bridge on the River Kwai: you may visit Kanchanaburi a province that is located on a distance of 80 miles from west of the Bangkok. This journey you may cover from the train. During your journey from this train, you may see the rice paddies and sugarcane field.

The bridge has its old history so people travel from the train. During this railway journey, you may also visit an attraction of Thailand that is cemetery which is well kept here. Jeath museum is a good place for every person where you may learn about the history of Thailand. Now you may take a speedboat to see the real railway bridge from the river.

Floating market:You may visit the strange and beautiful floating market from Bangkok. You may travel to this place by long-tailed boat to save your time. To more about this market you may take a guide to know more about the Thai culture. The local guide will reveal you all the necessary information about this place.

Bangkok Grand Palace:

The attraction of Bangkok is the grand palace. This palace is just built in a peculiar Thai style. The palace has been built in a Thai and European design which looks just unbelievable. This grand palace is situated near the bank of the chao Pharaya River. This is the major tourist attractions of Thailand which come under Bangkok city.

The Golden Mount: This is a temple known for the golden mount or “Phu Khao Thong” and it has been located on a hill and perfect for a stunning view and covered with “golden gleaming chedi”. This is the main tourist attractions of Thailand. This temple is also known as “wat saket”. To view this place you have to cover 300 stairs to reach the top of the hills. So if you watch the place very seriously it looks like a coiled snake.

Lumpini Park: This is the largest and oldest park in this country. The place name is based on Buddha birth place Lumbini as a Lumpini.

On the main gate of this park there is the statue of a king which is a silent feature of this park. The park has an arrangement for walking and boating.  You may enjoy the morning walk. There is some equipment for yoga and other Thai exercises similar to our yoga. So this park is a great attractions of Bangkok and an asset for this city.

Sea life ocean world: A fun and ideal attraction for all the family members in Thailand. You may see and learn about more than 2500 species of our ocean. The park looks amazing .the beauty of this cannot be defined easily.

This wonderland is spread in a large area. The creatures were kept here from all over the globe. For aquatic lovers, this is the right place. If you are diver you may get an opportunity for this purpose also. If you want to see a shark fishes than just take an entrance into the park. So the main attractions of Thailand are waiting for you and do not miss it.

King Power Rangam: This is a beautiful duty-free shop where you may purchase so many things from the world over.  The interior decoration of this mall is very attractive. This is the perfect places of visit in Thailand.

The climate of this place is very pleasant so the best to visit Thailand is from November to early April. These months are the best time to land this place and the name in Thailand.

So the attractions of Thailand are countless and it cannot be written in the words.

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