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There are so many beautiful and natural islands on this earth. Most of the island was built by nature itself. Because most of the islands are parts of a sea so it looks nice and a place of enjoyment. Where you may take a holiday trip to release your stress. Because a fresh mind always gives a creative idea to the world.

So in my opinion when you get a chance for relaxation you should go to these places to increase your stamina to work better.

Recently I have got an opportunity to visit a place of attractions in this world that is beautiful country Bali.

Bali is known as the land of Gods. Bali attracts the tourists with its dramatic colorful arts, crafts, resorts, and dramatic dances. Bali is the most popular and beautiful holiday destination in the Indonesian archipelago.

You will find here a beautiful sandy beach and a great environment. God has made this island for the human being in a very leisure time.

You will also find everywhere the carved beautiful temple. Most of the good hotels are located near sea beaches where you may take a complete relief from the stress.

There are innumerable so many gift shops where you may purchase the antique items which you do not find anywhere.

The attraction of Bali,  is its white sand beaches which makes it a beautiful holiday destination. The attraction of Bali is its wave in the sea which surfers love. Due to the amazing beauty of this country, most of the travellers come here to enjoy their holidays.

The gateway to enter this country by a flight route is through famous international airport NGURAH Rai. Public transport is available here by the tour operator. You may also access this place by sea route. Bali is also accessible by a ferry ride from an island of Lombok.

Now there are some other attractions of Bali which I want to narrate you to know better this place. This clearly defines the meaning of this place.

  • Waterbom: Attraction of Bali is waterbombed an excellent water sliding park provides a great adventure to all the family and others. There are so many rides of different style and beautiful villa for relaxation after the dip. You may enjoy climbing, riding, sliding, exploring and much more fun. The rides are so much which is enough for whole day enjoyment.

Flow rider Water bom: This is the attraction of Bali and an Asia’s largest water park. This is the park where you may enjoy surfing as you are doing in the sea.

The staffs are very cooperative and helpful. No experience required for any age. The pressure of the water force is enough to control anyone. A great fun for everyone. Go to this park along with your family.

  • Safari and marine Parks: This is a wonderful zoo and also a facility of night safari. There are verities of different animals, birds, reptiles, and others. Some of the endangered has been kept her

The maintenance of this marine park is very nice. The charges of night safari are 80$ which is quite expensive. The attraction of this marine park is a white tiger.

  • Finns Recreation club: This is a recreation club where all are welcome. You may try different food items. But I have observed the foods were costly. So it depends on your expenditure ability.
  • Bali Swing: Have you ever swing in your school days? Here are the big swings which will give you real excitement.

There are many types of swing tightened with strong rope and nicely taken care for the safety of the tourist. The area of this park is very large so you may take good snap there. You may enjoy an amazing ride there, so Please do not miss this main attraction of Bali.

  • Circus water park: The name says that this is a water park

With different types of rides. There is a good hotel for your recreation.

Krishna Ocean Park: This is a wonderful water sports park, where so many funs available for the kids like rock climbing and jumping off the wall.

The restaurant is good and provides foods on an economical rate. The area of this park is very large and swimming pool is also very big.

Lempuang temple: This is a good and amazing temple and totally different from our Indian temple. You will find different design and architecture of the temple.

It has a wide area and temple is situated on a hill you have to climb there. The temple is located in a good exotic location.

Kid’s world: A special attraction of Bali is kids World Park. The park is specially designed for the kids. The parks have different types of sliding swing, bigger toys, and other entertaining items. The place is the perfect venue for your kids.

Sekumpul waterfall: Besides so many water and theme park the attraction of Bali is a beautiful waterfall. Enjoy these waterfalls after living other water parks.

You have to go to these places along with good swim shoot. In the waterfall, you take an opportunity for sliding and swimming. This fall is available at Lemukih village.

The water location is in a beautiful valley. There are more than 250 stairs which you have to cover to see the actual waterfall. This is surrounded by other three waterfalls, so the natural beauty is fantastic.

You may access the local village and towns which will give you an idea about the culture of Bali. You make visit these places by motorbike.

The places of attraction in Bali are countless.

Whitewater rafting and coffee plantation: This is a complete tour package for the whole which includes rafting in a special location.

You will also enjoy here Indonesian dishes, coffee, tea, and other foods. The rafting experience would be beyond your imagination.

Tibumana, Tukad Cepung, and Tegenungan Waterfalls: These are three best waterfalls, which is a great attraction of Bali. You will really remember the beauty of these waterfalls.

These falls are located in Ubud area. These waterfalls are just hidden in Bali. The water in these falls is crystal clear and very clean and just falls from the top of the mountain.

The best time to visit these places in Bali is between Octobers to April.

In the long run, I will advise my viewers, the attraction of Bali is really beautiful and unimaginable. You should Visit these places once in your life.

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