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Bungee jumping is the most dangerous and adventurous sports activity that involves a jumping from the tallest platform. In this activity, the person is connected to a large elastic code.

The structure is always fixed on some perfect places. The structure may be a crane, bridge or maybe a building.

This jump is not possible from moving objects like a hot balloon or from a helicopter or any others.

The main excitement comes in this sports is from jumping, free falling, and its rebound process.

In these sports, the cord is very flexible. When a person free falls in the downward side and again it comes upward due to coiling process of the cord.

For the bungee jumping one’s health should be perfect and strong. A physically fit person may enjoy this sports and it gives him a thrilling experience. Today this sport is very popular in our country.

Top tourist places for Bungee Jumping:

  1. Jumping height in the state of Rishikesh ( Rishikesh).
  2. Ozone Adventures located in IT city Bangalore.
  3. Him valley camps –this place is located in Manali (Kullu Manali- Weekend getaway near Delhi).
  4. Gravity Adventure Zone-based at Goa and known as the best place for this activity. You may experience an amazing adventure at this place. (Goa)

Tips for the Beginners:

This jump is not suitable for a faint-hearted people. You should have strong mental status.

  1. Always follow the instructors’ guideline.
  2. Clothes should be comfortable.
  3. The stomach should be empty.
  4. Do not carry your valuables.

So try this bungee jumping once in your lifetime.

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