let’s talk about the city we are proud of. Delhi – Pride of Our Nation.

Our country is a land of beautiful places, where different types of people live. Most of the people work hard for their bread and butter but some people lead a luxurious life and enjoy. In our country, the culture is very versatile. Different state has various culture, language, living standard, and others. All are very amazing and strange if you follow him from your own eyes.

There are the beautiful mountain, rivers, places, and others eye-catching sights in our country, so if you are interested to know about them then you have to go there to watch all the fact closely. We always have curiosity when we hear something from our friend’s or relative when they visit someplace. There are so many tourist places in India where we may see the different colors and culture of our country.

As you aware that Delhi is the capital of our country where you will feel your country culture and it is also the best tourist place in India. Delhi is the main political center of our country. Our youths follow the styles of its culture and tradition.

As we know that Delhi is a historical place and it attracts tourists for its charming places and its vibrant culture. You will also agree that the main culture of Delhi lies in the Chandni Chowk area which is very close to the famous Jama Masjid. The street food, clothes, religious places and many more are very popular here. I want to say here that what you think in your mind you will find here. So you will create some confusion in your mind that which places to visit in Delhi which gives real satisfaction to your mind.

There are different places to visit in Delhi which you cannot forget. I want to highlight some of the famous names like Red Fort which is a historical place and the main attraction of the tourist who visits Delhi.


It is a Mughal architect which is made up of red sandstone and also you cannot forget India gate. It was built in the year 1931 as a memorial for the martyrs of World War, besides this you may visit here like Qu tub Minar, Parliament house, Jantar Mantar, Lotus Temple, Humayun Tomb, Nehru planetarium, Lodi garden, Akshardham temple so the list is countless for the places to visit in Delhi.
As it is well known to everyone that Delhi is the capital of our country and everyone like to visit once. I will also not forget to mention some of the places of interest for the tourist that there is some shopping mall, big market for shopping like Connaught Place, Hauz Khas, Chandni Chowk, a kingdom of dream a first live high power entertainment center and others.

These markets are very famous and very economical where you may buy anything. I personally visited these market which is very big and the countless good shops are available here. Most of the foreigners also choose to visit Delhi as the city is also India’s second wealthiest city after Mumbai. So if you are planning to visit Delhi, please don’t be late as there is lot more to know and discover about the town. That’s why this city stands as one of best tourist places in India.

Comments your best place in Delhi.

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    1. Dear Keshava,
      I do understand that the city has some issues. But we must understand that it is completely depends on us how we’ll tackle the problems.
      Thank you !

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