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Hiking is the activity of going on long vigorous walk usually in the countryside for our own pleasure and enjoyment.

This is a natural recreational activity. It is a natural exercise to improve the fitness of the person. It does not require any equipment.

The normal length of hiking ranges between 7- 12 miles. Some people do it alone but few do this activity in the grouping.

The Advantage of Hiking:

It is a very powerful cardiac workout which reduces the chance of heart disease, improves limb movement and increase bone density.

Hiking also strengthens the muscle of leg, gluteal muscle and the muscles of hip and legs. It also improves blood pressure sugar level of the blood.

Hiking is super beneficial for positive impact on the combating the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

You have always heard the expressions from our elder; a healthy body has a healthy mind.

It keeps our brain always nourished and healthy.  It also improves our memory power and other cognitive activity. It also reduces endorphin level so refreshes our mind.

It also beneficial for slowing the aging process.

Tips for Hiking:

  1. Wear the right shoes
  2. Always remember what to do in an emergency condition.
  3. Protect yourself from the sun.
  4. Keep lots of water with you.
  5. Always starts with a small distance.

So last but not lease I will advise you that hiking is good for stay healthy, physically active even in old age. So just do this activity regularly.

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