Kodaikanal: The Princess of Hill Station in South India |Best tourist place in India

Today we are living in an era of travel. In this era, the number of companies is providing their services in the field of tourism. Many times we plan to visit some of the tourist places, but we are unaware of the preparation. In this condition, some company organizes for the tour plan that is very comfortable for us. As it is well known to everyone that in our country south India is full of tourist places where we may enjoy our vacation along with our families.

Recently I planned my vacation in south India and the name of this place is Kodaikanal that is the best tourist place in India.

After visiting this place I have forgotten all other location where I have been visited. The entire reason behind it is its beauty.

Which I want to disclose the charming of this place so it is a good place to visit in India.

Kodaikanal is called as Kodai.  Kodai is popularly known as the princess of hill station in south India. This place is mainly located in amidst the fold of Palani hills that is a most popular serene hill station of south India. Its beauty mesmerizes most of the visitor. Due to its wooded sloping, Mighty Hard Rock Mountain, enchanting waterfalls, and the beautiful charming lakes all these makes the tour of Kodai full of fun holidays. This misty charming and exotic hill station is located in the northwest of Madurai. This area is truly protected from the Palani hills.

This beautiful place is located at an altitude of 2134 meter high from the sea level. Besides other beautiful spots, this place is famous for kurinji flower, which blossoms only once in 12 year’s lifespan.

After hearing these wondering words from me, you may plan to reach there. This place is connected to the air, rail and road and the distance from Chennai is 521 km. Bus services are easily available from Madurai and other places of Tamilnadu. Madurai is the nearest airport in Tamilnadu.

Kodaikanal is a place to visit in India where much popular tourist attraction is located. Now I want to highlight some of the beautiful places to visit in Kodaikanal.

  1. Berijam Lake: Berijam Lake is a very beautiful lake in Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu. The distance of this lake is 22km from Kodai. You have to visit this lake due to its pure and clear and pure form of water. This lake is one of the most beautiful star-shaped lakes.
  2. Trekking: If you are fond of trekking Palani hills is best trekking hills where you may get the best experience of trekking which makes this place to visit in India in this place. In this area, night trekking area is also available and during your trekking hour, you may take a night halt in the nearby village.
  3. Kodai Lake: Kodaikanal Lake is a beautiful and charming manmade lake in Kodaikanal town and it is popularly known as Kodai Lake. This lake was developed by the British people. The main attraction of this lake is a shape that is a star which makes it nice. The distance of this lake is approximately 4 km from the Kodai main bus stand.

This is the best tourist place in India especially for boating, rowing, fishing, horse riding. For those who love fishing may take permission from the head of the fisheries. The boating charges are very economical as compared to another tourist place in India. The Kodai lake area is very popular for a strange flower named kurinji which blossoms only once in 12 years in the periphery of this lake area.  Hilly plantain fruits and plum is famous here which you may purchase from the fruit shop. Flower shows always conducted here in the summer season. The experience of boating is exotic here which would be memorable in your life. One more highlight of this place is cycling. Cycling is a very easy and economical vehicle to explore the best location of these places.

  1. Coaker, s walk: Coaker, s walk is a manmade 1km walking plaza on the hill of the Kodaikanal which is located in the south Indian state of Tamilnadu which is the best tourist place in India. This coaker, s walk has been constructed on the stiff slope of the mountain area which is an adventurous experience and nobody wants to miss this place.
  2. Thalaiyar Lake: This waterfall is located in greenish slopping are of Palani hills. This waterfalls located in Dindigul area of Kodaikanal. The height of this waterfall is too much approx. 298 meter. This is also the highest fall in Tamilnadu. This is also the sixth highest waterfall in our country. Because the height of this fall is very high so it also looks like a rat tail, if you watch it from far off distance, so it is also called rat-tail falls.
  3. Dolphin nose: As I have told you earlier that Kodaikanal is the best tourist place in India and also called queens of the hill station in India due to its beautiful spot. The dolphin nose is placed in this hill station where you may experience a real view of its charming and attractive valleys and splendour of its greeneries. As from its name, the area of this place is flattened just like a nose of dolphin and this forms a flat rock at a height 6500 feet. So you imagine this height. If you really want to feel adventure then this is the place for your real enjoyment. This is also the best place for real adventurous photography. You may visit this best tourist place in India. The best time to visit this place is from October to March and this is the best opting time to visit this natural beauty.
  4. Silver cascade falls: A silver cascade waterfall is a perfect tourist place in Kodai where you refresh your mind. This waterfall area is nice and you may take an experience of swimming.

So during my visit to this place, I enjoyed a lot and I experienced that this is the best tourist place in India. Because Kodai is hill station so the site for seeing here is also too much. I have also enjoyed other spot also like silent valley view, a solar observatory, and beautiful pine forest Subramanya temple, kukul caves and bear shoal fall.

Because I visited this place in the month of October just after Durga Puja. So I have experienced that the time was very perfect. During this month generally, the weather is neither hot nor cold. Therefore exploring this place during this month is the best time.

Last but not least; I hope you will plan for this beautiful place which really says that this is the best tourist place in India. You watch this exotic and attractive place which really gives pleasure to your body and soul. You may also share this excitement with your friends and relatives.

Thanks! Let us know your best tourist place in India in comments box. 

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