The person who loves God from the core of his heart for those people, he may prefer to travel a place that is Madurai is the best tourist place in India.

Many times we plan our trip to visit a hill station. It is also quite natural that first, these places come to our mind. These places give pleasure, excitement and a good feeling to our soul.

Chennai is capital of Tamil nadu, it’s a fact but Madurai claims its real soul of this state. Madurai is Tamil born and known as the oldest cities of India.

Madurai was a capital long before Chennai. All these features make this place the best tourist place in India. Madurai is the oldest, ancient and energetic place located on the Vaigai River in the southern state of Tamilnadu. It has an oldest and greatest heritage and culture. Madurai is one of the major growing inhabited cities in Chennai.

You may also understand this place as the gateway towers of Meenakshi Amman temple. This is the best place to visit in India if you are thinking to visit a place of the temple.

This is also a third most populated and largest town in Chennai. It is also an administrative headquarters of Madurai district. These are the few qualities of this place which bound the tourist to come here and makes it a place to visit in India.

Madurai is well connected with all the major metro cities of our country by road, flight, and train. There is the regular communication from the entire town to this place. You may prefer any transport according to your budget. Madurai is the main railway station which is well connected to every town of our country.

Because Madurai is the best tourist place in India so there are so many spots which may attract you. These tourist places really enchant you to visit this beautiful place here.

  • Meenakshi Temple: Madurai is especially famous for this ancient and oldest temple. This temple is located in the heart of the city. This temple is a most crowded place in Chennai. The architecture of this temple is very attractive. You will experience an excellent sculpture of this temple which really enchants you.

The beauty of this temple explains the religious significance of this temple. If you have planned to visit this best tourist place in India you may take a tour guide which will guide everything about this temple. The temple has four entrance gates and there is no fee for that. Many fraud people will come to you for the donation and for the guide, so you have to aware of it.

To get an entrance to this temple you have to take a ticket of Rs. 100/ which will give you a position on the main gate of the temple. When you will visit this temple always try to keep the mobile camera and others in your hotel or other genuine places. Please also note that photography is prohibited here. One more be noted that they have not allowed the non-Hindu person.

The whole temple is nicely decorated by the granite stone which has been done by the skilled artist. The artwork on the stone is very nice. The temple has been built on a very large area.

So you have to spend at least two hours to see all the design and decorative art. The carving on the statue is also very beautiful.  The temple has 14 towers and all are covered in thousands of colourful stone which is just show an amazing look. This temple especially famous for Lord Shiv and Parwati. After darshan, you really feel a good energy in your soul and body. So I have felt here that this is the best tourist place in India for all the travelers.

  • Aayiram Kaal Mandapam: This temple is also famous for its beautiful design and architecture which you always remember and tells us that this is the place to visit India. This temple will really define you the best pilgrimage centre in southern India. The historical aspect and painting are really nice to visible. If you visit this temple in the evening when light glows looks really a marvellous beauty. The sculptured pillar of this temple makes everyone a spellbound. The one main attraction in this temple is music pillar so do not forget to ask musical pillar which will reflect a sound of Sargam of music. The temple has an in-house museum where you see the old era’s idol and paintings of the old age.
  • Kudal Alghar Vishnu Temple: This temple is also a magnificent temple and very close to Meenakshi temple. This temple is especially devoted to Lord Vishnu. The different forms of Vishnu have been displayed here like sitting, standing and other position which looks nice. You will feel very relax and also find the creation of energy and peace in yourself. The whole temple has been built in a Dravidian style which you do not find anywhere. This is the special character of this temple. The area of this temple is very large and its attraction increase when comes evening session. So I have really happy and please to say you that this is the best tourist place in India.
  • Gandhi Museum: This is a famous museum of Mahatma Gandhi where you will find and see the historical artefact of this great person. You may learn lots of things from Gandhi jee and his historical aspects. The place is peaceful and nice. There is no entry fee here. Looking all these aspects of this remarkable person you should give homage to him on his great achievements.
  • Vaigai Dam: If you have leisure time for at least two hours, this is the place where you give relaxation to your body. You may nearby Vaigai River. The dam is very nice to see the real beauty of Madurai the best tourist place in India. The nearby area of this dam has a children park where your kids may enjoy you also take a chance of relaxation. This is a good picnic spot on the New Year.

So the place to visit in India especially in Madurai is countless. If you have sufficient time you may also visit the other places like Pazhamudhir Solai, kalamegePerumaltemple, Alagarkoil temple, Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, Tirruparankunram, Cathedral church, Noopura Gangai temple, and idiya latter church.

After visiting this place to visit in India clearly shows that our country is full of good looking tourist places. So no doubt Madurai is the best tourist place in India.

Thank you!! Comments your best tourist place in India. 

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