Mysore A Land of Rich Heritage | Best tourist place in India.

When I got a vacation, I plan to visit a different location of our country which gives freshness to my mind and body. The travelling offers me to see different variation and vibrant culture of our country.

By observing all these variations, we may implement some of the tricks in our life.

Recently I visited a new destination that is the best tourist place in India and the name of this place is Mysore. Mysore is located near foothills of the Chamundi hills.

Mysore is officially called Mysuru. Mysore is a beautiful place in the southwest in the state of Karnataka and is an enchanting city and also popular for its historical and rich heritage splendid monuments and building.

The place is famous for its palace so it attracts world travellers to this place. The atmospheric market here is famous for spices and incense sticks.

Ashtanga yoga is another famous arts and incredible global school is also available here which claims its accreditation globally.

So if you want to visit this best tourist place in India for your travelling so there is no problem. The nearest airport to Mysore is Bangalore which is an international airport and 110 km from this place.

Bangalore is well connected with other cities of Karnataka. It takes about three hour’s comfortable journey by bus. Karnataka state bus facility is available easily which you may avail. Local cab and Ola taxes are also available there for a more comfortable journey.

Mysore is a historical heritage culture so it is the best tourist place in India. Now I want to detail some of the tourist places to visit in India in this city.

  • Somnathpur temple: This is a wonderful historical temple renowned for its world heritage aspect. Oh, what a place!!

The building is such a beauty that you cannot think to build in spite of advanced technology now. The temple was crafted and designed by hand. So you may feel the real beauty of this temple.

The temple was built hundreds of years ago but these dates you cannot expect to build such a beautiful temple. It is very hard to believe that the temple has survived 800 years. So worth to visit this place so do not miss to visit this best tourist place in India. This is a dream place for the photographer because he may take the snap from different styles and angles. This temple may be compared with Tajmahal due to its splendid crafting arts.

Hoysala architecture has been utilized to craft this temple. The temple is located in somnathpura town.

  • Sri Chamundehwari Temple: Your Mysore tour will not complete it has not visited this temple. The best time to visit this best tourist place in India in the month of Dussehra.

You will fill comfortable when you take ticket online for “Darshan.”The temple provides you peace and food also which is free of cost. The temple is located on a hill so you may watch a panoramic view of the whole Mysore city. The experience was very nice after visiting this beautiful temple and I will recommend all my viewers to visit this temple.

  • Devraja Market: This market is a very popular and famous market in Mysore. There are many types of shop where you find different types of items. When it comes to sweet section Mysore Pak is a very tasty sweet made from a pure ghee which is a delicious dish.

You may take to your home which would be staying fresh for 12-15 days. The place is famous for the original silk sarees. The Badshah silk saree center is famous for these items. When you go railway yard area you will find a sandalwood factory where you may purchase an incense stick, shop, sandalwood oil, and other daily uses items.

However, you may also buy sheabutter oil which is available in supreme quality. These items are very costly in other towns. This market is a collection of smell, sound, and sights. You may purchase original and genuine quality spices.

All the items available here at an affordable price so it identifies this as the best tourist places in India.

  • Vrindavan Garden: “Vrindavan” gives a lot of pleasure and satisfaction to our hearts. What I say about this garden. I have no words to say about this garden.

Vrindavan garden is so beautiful and it gives a great satisfaction. The garden has a wide area and beautifully decorated. There is a boating arrangement for visitors. The cost of the ticket is just only Rs.20/.

The garden is designed and decorated with beautiful flower and long trees. This makes this spot a nice place to visit in India in this town. The park has set up with music which makes the fountains the main attraction of this garden.

  • Karanji Lake: A superb lake with beautiful birds, flower, animals, clean lake water and many more…. The park is well maintained and gardeners have been appointed for its maintenance.

The park has more than 30 peacocks. White peacock may be seen here. A park is a suitable place for a picnic spot for all the families and kids. Paddle boating experience is the main attraction in this park. A good botanical park is nice to see the different types of plants.

Mysore sand and sculpture museum: You may see the sand artwork here which you will never find in other places. They also have a sand art gallery.

A photo has been carved on the sand which looks nice to see. After returning from chamundeshwari temple you may see this museum.

  • Chamundi Hill Bull Statue: This is also a nice place to see where a huge bull is sitting on a hill which looks beautiful. The statue is very magnificent in it looks.
  • GRS Fantasy Park: This fantasy park is a major tourist destination in Mysore. It is a fantastic amusement and water park. It is an ideal place for a vacation on weekends. You may enjoy the whole day along with your families.
  • Railway Museum: Railway museum is located behind the main railway station of Mysore. There are so many a wide variety of the locomotive has been displayed here used by Maharaja.

The toy train is very popular among children. This museum will teach you good knowledge about railways so this is the best places to visit in India.

  • Mysore Maharaja Palace: This place is the main identification of Mysore. If you Visit this palace in Durga Puja it would be better to see the main culture and tradition of this palace.

So the place here for visit is too much and it cannot tell everything on this post. Besides this, you may also see other places to visit in India which is located in this place like planet earth aquarium, zoological garden and others.

The exact and best time to visit this place is in the month of October.

Looking all these historical and oldest culture of this town you may try to plan to travel this one of the best tourist place in India.

Thank you!! Do comments your best tourist place in India.

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