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Paragliding is adventurous sports and one of the most exciting recreational activities. It is a free-flying, lightweight with no any complex structure. This is foot-launched glider aircraft activity.

Paragliding is an adventurous activity and you may fly in the air like a bird. This activity gives a lot of excitement. In other words, you may say that this is the simplest form of flight. You have to just layout the wing on a hilltop or a mountain.

The parachute canopy acts like a wing and is made up of fabric cell with an opening on the front side. It allows the person to be inflamated by the movement through the air.

In our country paragliding is very safe sports and the craze of this sport is increasing day by day.

Top 5 destinations for paragliding in India:

In Bangalore, Nandi hills.

Yelagiri, in the state of Chennai.

Satpura range is the best place for this activity in Gujarat.

Aravali range of mountains in Rajasthan and in the state of Sikkim.

Besides, there are so many other places where you may do this activity.

Tips for the Beginners.

You should wear a helmet during this activity. Do test inflation before going on a final round. You should wear a proper dress. You have to watch the flair.

Regarding safety, during this activity is on the right place and on proper time are main tips.

So if you want to learn paragliding, I will advise to join a club and learn the basic techniques.

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