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Rafting and White Water rafting is the adventurous activity of riding on a raft over rough and rocky parts of a fast flowing river.

Rafting is always done on a rubber raft or also on a wood log.  It is a great experience to flow in a fast-moving river.

This activity is always being planned on a different degree and angles of rough water.

This is an outdoor recreational activity. In this water sports activity, there is a need of at least 6-8 people.

In this activity, a good teamwork is very important. This sport involves lots of risks.

Rafting is not a dangerous spots activity. When the tide is high on the river then be cautious.

You have to take enough precaution before organizing this activity.

5 Best Tourist Places for Rafting:

There are many tourist places where you may do this activity.

The Ganga River, Rishikesh, In Teesta River located in Sikkim and Darjeeling, Dandeli in the state of Karnataka, Indus River in Ladakh and last the Brahmaputra River Arunachal Pradesh.

Among all the places, the best destination is Kullu and Beas River is popular for this activity.

This river gives a real thrilling for this recreational activity.

Safety tips for Rafting:

  1. Always use a life jacket or a personal safety device.
  2. You should be a good swimmer.
  3. Always hold the paddle properly.
  4. Always keep you in a safe position.

It gives us enjoyment and makes us bold and brave. So if you like adventure, this is the perfect sports for you.

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