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Rock climbing is the activity of utilizing one’s hand, feet and another organ of the body for a recreational activity to ascend on a steep object.

In this activity(Rock climbing), a climber has a target to reach the peak of a mountain safely. During this journey, many rock climbers die also due to the unfavorable condition.

Here it also depends on the stiffness and severity of the climb.

This is tough most activity and also requires hard rock mental ability strength. You should be very strong by heart. You should always climb with a positive attitude.

There are so many types of rock in the world over like sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic.

Here a person climbs up, downs and across on a hard rock for enjoyment and fulfill his hobbies. This also may be a man-made rock or an artificial wall.

The activity may be done for a competition and for locomotion on something. This is an emergency training in Paramilitary forces. They utilize these tricks in a rescue operation.

The types of equipment for Rock Climbing:

For rock climbing, you require some basic equipment which is very important.

Like harness, special shoes, ropes, ice axes, crampons, quick draws and others. All mountains are made up of different stones so you have to use the types of equipment accordingly.

The best time for rock climbing:

For an outdoor climbing, the weather should be clear and ideal. Summer season is also fine for this activity. Extreme weather may cause problems to complete the target of climbing.

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