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Scuba diving is one of the most famous and adventurous water activities. Most of the people attract towards this adventurous activity. In this activity, a person dives in water along with a breathing apparatus.

This apparatus has no connection with the water surface. This activity is totally performed in an underwater sea. You may really enjoy this activity.

The age limit for scuba diving is eleven years. As the scuba diving is an adventurous activity so a man should have a strong will power and energetic. This activity should not be performed by a physically challenged people.

Best tourist Places for Scuba Diving:

There are many places which are renowned for scuba diving like Kovalam Beach in the state of Kerala, Grand Island in Goa, Bangaram in Lakshadweep, In Pondicherry; it is in coral shark reef, Netrani Island in Karnataka and Neil Island in Andaman & Nicobar.

Essential Tips to do this activity for Beginner:

  1. Take proper training from an expert or from a diving school.
  2. Know the use of a regulator which has been provided in the breathing apparatus.
  3. Do not use the underwater camera for your first few diving activities.
  4. Make sure to learn about the risk of flying and diving before you hit the dive.
  5. Please remember do not poke a sea animal or its life.
  6. Please wear a suitable water shoot for this activity.
  7. Wear a correct head mask for your proper safety.

So if you mentally prepared for this activity, go ahead and take an enjoyment in sea world.

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