THE MALDIVES: A Paradise on the Earth | Attractions of Maldives

It is well known to everyone that our country has no dearth of tourist places. We may take a trip to every town in our country. Now in our country, the transport system has become very flexible and economical due to increasing competition among travel agency so it very beneficial for the customer. Outside our country, there is another world where we may fill a life. So looking all these aspects I have booked a tour package with a travel package for a new place “The Maldives”. So recently I visited this place along with my family. As I came to know that this is a beautiful country.

The Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean which is situated in Arabian sees and consists of 26 ring shaped atoll islands which are made up of beautiful and nice 1000 coral. The Maldives is mainly famous for its island, blue lagoons, and beautiful reefs. The capital of this country is Male which is a nice place to visit and having a good fish market, shops, restaurants, luxurious items shop and others.

In the Maldives the main airport is Male which connects with every country in South East Asia and also with India, China, and Sri Lanka.

Please also remember there is no road connected to India with this country. Only by air, you may go there.

As the Maldives is an island so there are so many places to visit in the Maldives.


  • Veligandu Island Beach: Attractions of Maldives are the good beach in this country. The beaches are very nice and the water of these islands are crystal clear so its look very beautiful. Due to cleanliness, the water is looking greenish in colour. The beaches are crowd-free and very peaceful so you may take complete enjoyment at these beaches. The beaches are full of white sand which looks shiny. This place is just like a heaven on the earth. In the morning and evening the sea surface very beautiful.
  • Maldives victory: Attraction of this country is the beach. On this beach, you take enjoyment of snorkelling. You may see the different species of aqueous fishes. You will enjoy here good seafood. This gives you great satisfaction which is not available in another place. To look a crystal clear sea gives an awesome satisfaction. You will find here many sea creatures like the sponge, coral and beautiful fishes which comes to you. So you may relax and may take maximum fun. So this the best places to visit in the Maldives.
  • Alinatha Island: This is the wonderful island which is a great attraction of Maldives. If you love the peaceful area, watery creature, crystal clear water, and snorkeling then this is the place for you which you will remember in your lifetime. The resort of these places is also very nicely built according to its environment.
  • Atoll Transfer: These are the small boats which transfer you from one island to others. These atoll boats are available near an airport to carry your hotel. As I observed the boats were dirty and the response is also not up to the mark which irritates the tourist but services of the boaters are prompt. So these atoll transfers play a good role when you come from the flight and now your board on the seaplane, it really gives a great and awesome enjoyment.
  • 2 Hour Maldives submarine Tour: In this journey, you will travel underwater by submarine vehicles in the Indian Ocean, which is the attraction of the Maldives. You will closely watch all the activities here. This submarine will take you below thirty feet to watch a close look of an ocean. The submarine vehicles are an imported one and there is no risk for you. This submarine has the capacity to carry at least 50 passengers. During this underwater journey, you may that entire creature which you never have seen before.
  • Discover Diving tours: The attraction of this island is the course of diving course. So if you are interested to learn the diving course, the opportunity is available here. During this course, you will learn diving, night fishing, & day’s meal and an expert instructor will be given to you for your complete training. The charges for this course are approximately Rs 1lac.
  • Grand Friday Mosque: This is the large mosque in the Maldives and a place of prayer for the Muslim people. The building is very nice. The top of this mosque is golden in colour so looks very nice. This is located in the centre of the city Maldives and very clean and well maintained. You cannot take the photo in an inner area but you may take from outside.
  • Hukuru Misiiky: This is the oldest mosque in the city of Maldives. The inner environment is peaceful despite located in a busy city. Some language has been carved and detailed on the wall of the mosque. The building was built by the coral stone which is its main identification.
  • Medhu Ziyaarath: This attraction of Maldives was built in 20th century as a palace. The sultan was deposed here and the building has been constructed and the government is running it for the last 40 years. If you take a guide then you will better understand this palace.
  • Bodu Mora: This is an excellent place to enjoy with your beloved, girlfriends and with friends. The attractions of Maldives are just awesome. You may get a complete relaxation from your stressed life. This is the most beautiful beach in the world due to its exotic looks.
  • Male Fish Market: The fish market is very nice. The workers here are very expert do their job very quickly. You may see much Tuna fish in a huge quantity. You may see varieties of colourful fishes in the fish market.
  • Bikini Beach: This is a public beach and bikini may be worn here. For taking sunbath it is an ideal place. The environments are peaceful calm and very cool here, It is one of the best attractions of Maldives. This beach is located at the north end of the island. The place is a great location for the spectacular sunset.
  • National Museum: Nation museum is the best museum as I have observed. You may see the real development in the Maldives. A good collection of old items is an attraction of this place. You may understand the culture of this country. They had a huge Skeleton of extinct whale species which you do not find anywhere.

The best time to visit this place is between December to the month of April. This is the best season for the tourist. In this month the best time to visit all the location.

So the attractions of Maldives are awesome. So plan your next trip for this country which is just like a paradise on the earth. The beauty of nature is really good for our soul and body which gives relaxation from our stress.

Thanks!! Comments your favorite attractions of Maldives. 

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