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Trekking is an activity in which people do hiking and other activities for long hours.

Trekking is an adventurous, joyful walking experience and also a combined activity of walking and hiking. During this activity, a person enjoys a lot by watching village, forest, fort, and rugged hills and territories.

Many enthusiastic people walk all over the countries or world as trekking activities.

Some trekkers are really crazy for trekking. They do many of type’s peculiar activity as a part of trekking.

A trek can last anything from days to years. So the process of this activity is very difficult and requires lots of physical strength and pertinence.

But in true words, I want to say more about this. Trekking could be a commitment for someone, could be a motive, could be a purpose to do extraordinary in his life and could be a social person gathering. So to do something different is maybe a trekking.

There are many types of trekking grading system like easy, moderate, Strenuous and difficult. So it all depends on trekker experience.

There are many types of trekking activities like mountain trekking, desert trekking, arctic trekking, tropical trekking and lastly backpacking. All these activities come under this activity.

The types of equipment for the trekking.

There is some important equipment which is very necessary for trekking. The few tools are sleeping bag, camera, boot, ropes, sandal socks, sandal, sunglass, water bottle, torch, and others.

Trekking is a just like an expedition. So if you love adventure then trekking is just for you.

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